Stop Frowning!

For some, issuing a directive to stop frowning is like telling some not to breathe.

No matter how much office tape is applied, either vertically or horizontally, that ingrained motion of contorting your forehead, that motion, after approximately 8,000 impressions, will likely result in etched 11’s between your brows or deep furrows slashed across your forehead that run from temple to temple. Maybe both!

Some experts in child development say that frowning is actually learned very early in life. What? Yes, as infants, we watched our parents, especially our mothers, facial expressions. We likely learned to mimic certain movements like wrinkling our nose when we smile to squinting our eyes and particularly knitting our brows that forms the 11’s.

Behavior modification, the act of changing one behavior, means that you if really want to stop this constant knitting, you first must become super aware of your facial posture.

How do you begin to identify when a frown is coming on? Your mirror will let you know!

If you are serious about alleviating the look of frown lines, particularly the 11’s, you can start by wearing a one-inch piece of office tape placed vertically over the area. 

Position a small mirror near the area where you spend the most time. Watch your facial posture as you speak on the phone or type at your keyboard. This attention to your face will begin to pay off handsomely as awareness becomes paramount. 

Here’s a tip:  When you feel a frown coming on, touch the area with your ring finger until the urge subsides. Just that gentle touch will refocus your desire to frown.

Specific, targeted facial exercises can keep that vertical forehead muscle taut and line free. As you consistently use Facial Magic’s isometric exercises with anchoring techniques, you will see and feel lifting. This action provides the skin and muscles oxygenated blood that plumps up the entire area, disguising the look of fine lines and wrinkles naturally.