Stop Procrastinating! Slip on Those Gloves!

Restarting Facial Magic begins with you looking in your mirror and affirming, “I love my beautiful face!”

Self-talk, affirmations and mirror work is a confidence booster.

Look closely at your face as you perform the routine. You are giving yourself a wonderful gift of self-love, knowing that this type of self-care lifts your face and your spirits. 

The best part of all? Exercising your entire face can be completed in about 30 minutes. You don’t have to go anywhere; all you have to do is slip on your gloves and stand in front of your mirror.

Our online training classes are available to you daily on every internet enabled device. A new class is filmed every Monday with fresh content so you don’t get the same old, same old every time.

Imagine every day you can train with me so that your face lifts, tones and tightens. Your finger and thumb placements are perfected, and you learn new tips and tricks to further enhance your results.

The best part of this training – you choose the time of day that works with your schedule because I’m always going to show up for you!

Having an exercise partner makes exercising more fun and enjoyable.

After all, I know you’re looking at your face thinking that the holidays are coming, and you want to look your best. Yes, party clothes and maybe even a new hair style add to this festive time of year but your face is what everyone sees and I want you to feel proud and confident.

Don’t beat yourself up that you took a break from Facial Magic, just make the commitment to get started again and I hope you will let me help you for one month. That’s right. Muscles have memory which means it won’t take long to snap your face back to youthfulness.

Sign up for our classes here at a special discount. We will then register you for the classes and send you a special link for access to the classes. Save your face! Exercise it!