Surgical Eye Lifts are Expensive!

A Groupon Email caught my eye. A plastic surgeon in LA is advertising upper eye lid lifts that are almost 50% off with a Groupon purchase.

Regularly priced at $6,000.00 but with a Groupon discount, pay only $3900.00! What a deal!

Surgical eye lid lifts require that your eyelids are sliced apart, fat and excess skin are removed then the lids are resewn. Sound like fun?

What if you don’t like the results? What if your eyes look wonky with bruising or they constantly tear making eye makeup and lashes impossible to wear?

Surgery by itself is scary but surgery on your delicate eye lids is serious stuff. There is always a scar. There’s risk of infection. There are risks of allergic reactions to medication and anesthesia. What if you can’t close your eyes? What if your eyes appear off and the width from your eye lashes to your brow is not what you wanted?

So many what ifs and you haven’t even booked your appointment. But what if all of this fretting is unnecessary? What if surgery is totally unnecessary?

But what about the sagging? The crepey eyelids? The brows that are dropping?

The Facial Magic® Upper Eye Lift, a multi-purposed exercise, lifts the brows, strengthens sagging, crepey eye lids while lifting the sides of the face, stopping the compression of sagging facial muscles around the eyes.

We give this exercise to you free! Just click here and treat yourself to the finest non-surgical eye lift there is!

Exercise is a quick fix compared to surgery. There is no downtime and the results come quickly. All you have to do is follow the simple steps and you will see and feel a difference almost immediately.

Watch yourself in the mirror when you perform this exercise. Stand or sit tall with shoulders erect. Take in a deep breath, exhale, relax your face and begin the adventure of natural face lifting. You’ll laugh all the way to the bank!  Promise!