The New and Improved Nighttime Magic®

Fighting the signs of aging is the goal – right?

Facial Magic® facial exercise to strengthen the muscles hidden beneath the skin and then wonderful skincare that makes a difference in how we look in our makeup as we present our faces to the world.

When we were given the opportunity to enrich our formula with lactic acid and liposome-encapsulated fruit stem cells along with other botanical goodies, I said yes. The updated formula of our Nighttime Magic provides rich hydration on its own or over your favorite treatments.

As we sleep, our bodies and our faces begin our nightly regeneration process. 

Washing your face before bedtime to remove makeup and grime is a good start. Patting your face barely dry then following with a hydrating overnight preparation is the next step.

Moisturizing your face with the Nighttime Magic smooths your skin with gentle lactic acid and other natural moisturizing agents. One measured pump dotted over your cheeks, forehead, and lower face is all you need to fight the visible signs like fine lines and wrinkles as you sleep. Use another pump and treat your neck and chest.

Cellular rejuvenation is the new buzzword for deep hydration that produces cellular reprogramming so that our cells look and act younger. Liposomal delivery means that the needed nutrients are brought deep into the layers of the skin.

That means photo-damaged skin is likely to benefit from this product.

You will feel how this new formula almost immediately goes to work to enhance your skin whether you choose to use it solely at night or daytime as well. 

Remember, skincare alone will not lift, tone and tighten sagging facial muscles. It’s the Facial Magic facial exercise program that teaches you how to give yourself the look of a facelift without anything harmful or hurtful. Exercise is natural, results are seen almost immediately, and your face will look better and better – promise!