The Practical, Wonderful Fanny Pack 

Yes, it’s small and it holds the essentials like an ink pen, post-it notes pad, mobile phone, car keys, lipstick, ColoreScience Powder, RFD case with all forms of identification and credit cards, passport and cash.

Fanny Packs are so practical, especially when you’re running errands around town or jetting off to a destination getaway or walking your dog or meeting friends for coffee and lunch.

Shopping becomes absolutely easy! No more purse straps sliding down your shoulder or eagle-eyeing your handbag in your shopping cart as you one-handedly reach for an item. Hands-free is just one super benefit to wearing a fanny pack.

Giving up your large designer handbags is not necessary, although it’s freeing to snap on a fanny pack, have everything you need at your fingertips and realize that the handbag you’ve been carrying probably weighs a good ten pounds or more.

Most fanny packs are designed for men – they can be bulky or terribly flat. What is a real winner is when there are roomy compartments with substantial zippers. Medallions and a few shiny, blingy additions to the pack are really a plus and act as a fashion statement.

Traveling internationally wearing a fanny pack means you don’t have to fumble for your passport, cash, or any other required identification because you have it all at the ready.

If you overfill your fanny pack, you will look “thick” so streamline and minimize your needs.

Remember the game show where the host would ask at the end of the show if anyone had a certain odd item that was terribly unlikely that anyone would have in their possession?  Women with their large over-stuffed handbags would rummage and scramble looking for a band aid or a golf ball  – who knew? One just might locate the requested item and go home with a prize. 

LOL…gone are the days of large, heavy handbags – now see through fanny packs are available for a very reasonable price so you can easily travel and enjoy sporting events and more that require handbags and purses be security compliant.