Those Not So Fine Lines Called Crow’s Feet

Aren’t they alarming and disgusting?

Here you have pampered your face with only the finest skincare. You’ve lovingly washed your face nightly, never going to bed without tending to your face, making certain every speck of makeup and every trace of debris is gone before slathering nighttime anti-aging preparations.

Waking up the next morning hoping to see overnight success of less wrinkling around the eyes, you realize that to stop and alleviate the crinkling at the edge of the eyes, crow’s feet, something more powerful than eye creams must be employed, but surgery?

The reason your outer eyes and your upper eyes are lined, making you look tired and old before your years, is because the forehead muscles are lengthening and pushing into other muscles and muscle groups that surround the eyes. 

When the forehead muscle begins to lengthen, that muscle invades the orbicularis occuli, the muscle that surrounds the eyes. When the upper eye area becomes compromised, soft and flaccid, you see lines and wrinkles developing around the eyes and then your lined eyelids begin to sag and hood.

Even if you opted for surgery of the upper eye to stop the hooding, most likely your crow’s feet will still be there and over time, they will appear deeper but hey, your upper eyelids may look pretty good!

Stand in front of your mirror with your thumbs slightly above your temple area and your fingertips positioned near your hairline…push up with your thumbs and hold…push up with your fingertips and hold. See any crow’s feet?

Lifting the eyebrows and the area toward the hairline using specific anchoring techniques will strengthen your forehead and your entire eye area.

As we age, muscles throughout our body lose their vitality and strength. We see flabby upper arms, jiggly soft thighs, and a thickening waistline. These nuisances can be disguised with clothing.

What about your face? 

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