Tighten Sagging Eyelids

Pretty smiling joyfully female with fair hair, dressed casually, looking with satisfaction at camera, being happy. Studio shot of good-looking beautiful woman isolated against blank studio wall.

The heartbreak! The agony! The frustration when you realize that the reason your eye makeup, including mascara and certainly eye shadow, doesn’t produce the beautiful, dramatic flair you’re accustomed to seeing. After all, beautiful, exotic eyes are the hallmark of a fantastic looking face.

What is going on?

Eyelids begin to shift as the tiny, hidden muscles that support them begin to lose their tone. Folds and lines on the eyelids will develop as time passes. Crow’s feet will soon follow.

Turning 30 is painful when you begin to realize that there are tell-tale signs of aging occurring in your face! Panic is felt as you realize there are very few safe, natural avenues to stop aging that results in droopy facial features.

At 30, the ability to stop soft, sagging eyelids is quite simple. 

If you’re 60, soft, sagging eyelids are still viable and can be restored.

If you’re 90 and still in great shape, there’s hope for you, too, as muscles, thankfully, have memory but unfortunately, at age 90, skin is not so easily renewed. Enjoying a long life is a reward and getting to 90 is no small feat. Just like chair yoga can have a very positive effect on your body, isometric facial exercise can provide “new life” to every face.

Proactively, exercise is akin to the fountain of youth!

Here is the link to the Facial Magic upper eye exercise. https://www.cynthiarowland.com/facial-magic/free-eye-lift/

This exercise not only lifts the brows, but it begins to fortify the eyelids with oxygenated blood. Giving more oxygen to the very delicate skin means your eyelids will strengthen, look less crepey and tired and over time, eye makeup will behave differently.

Lifting your eyebrows with the above exercise also lifts and repositions the crow’s feet. 

Squinting is detrimental to your overall facial appearance. Crinkling your eyes increases the likelihood of developing crow’s feet coupled with soft, sagging muscles around the eyes so practice recognizing when you are making this motion.