Time and Repetition

You want to wear a younger looking face.

You’d rather not succumb to the rigors of injections and surgery but yet, these avenues of facial intervention are so enticing! 

It’s only money, right?

Splurging on a facial procedure, throwing down your credit card and hoping nothing goes wrong as you rack up exorbitant balances in the name of beauty, may not make sense, but, when you’re in the throes of a meltdown because your face is showing its age, it’s doughy and suffering from facial atrophy…in other words, your face looks old and awful and it’s making you fretful, and at this point, you’ll go to any extreme to make certain you don’t end up looking like old Uncle Harry!

An aging face takes many shapes and forms as facial features shift with muscle atrophy.

Some gals might experience weakening eyelids and droopy eyebrows, folds or lines that develop between their nose and mouth before they’re 40, and as years progress, the lines and wrinkles deepen as the face becomes misshapen or puffy or gaunt looking. Guys tend to lose their jawline and instead develop a jowly double chin.

The secret to a youthful face is keeping your facial features toned, taut and supple – no sagging.

Every area of your face and neck will show sagging if you don’t slow the aging process with time-tested Facial Magic®, an isometric exercise program designed to lift, tone, and tighten facial muscles. Deeper than skincare, Facial Magic will give nourishment to your skin when you use this proven process for only minutes a day.

This money-saving, face saving at-home exercise program will quickly begin to undo years of aging. You’ll see eyebrows lift; the cheeks will look prominent again and your jowls and pouches will begin to reposition…and that’s just in the first three weeks!

Time and repetition are the keys to your Facial Magic success. Learning the easy exercise movements, understanding finger and thumb placements, and how to contract the anchored muscle or muscle group will become routine as you practice these proactive moves wearing white exercise gloves.

Learning two exercises each week, performing them six days in a row, taking one day of rest is easy on your wallet, and your stress level drops knowing the results you crave are at your fingertips.