Tuck Your Pillow Behind Your Ear

Ever wake up with lines on your face?

Those lines, cute on a 3-year-old, aren’t so cute on a 35-year-old face.

Lines that show up morning after morning means your face is in jeopardy of looking older way before it should…

Repetitive wrinkling on any part of your body is upsetting but for repetitive wrinkling to occur on your face will have you wailing with anger because this is something you could have prevented. Those small tiny lines disappear throughout the day but if you do not correct at least some of the repetitive motions, the tiny lines will become full-blown deep wrinkles that will crisscross your face and make your face look worn and tired.

When I was writing Facial Magic: Rediscover the Youthful Face You Thought You’d Lost Forever my editor, Francia, showed up almost every morning with ice cubes wrapped in toilet tissue. She held those ice cubes on her face for at least two hours hoping to stop the deepening of already present wrinkles.

Keeping the muscles that support your face and facial skin in tip-top shape is important.

Seeing lines and wrinkles developing means your facial posture is suspect along with your current sleeping posture.

Francia’s posture was always quite proper so her sleeping posture interested me. Sure enough, when I asked her to feign sleep with a regular pillow, she demonstrated her favorite sleeping position by smashing the left side of her face firmly into that down pillow. Guess where the majority of her face wrinkling was occurring? The left side of her face! Even the lower mouth was affected by her sleeping posture.