Versatile, Reliable, Sensational Castor Oil

Is Castor Oil the “perfect” oil?

Growing up, we probably remember the horror stories of taking a tablespoon of castor oil to ward off whatever ailed us. But, what if you don’t have to ingest it to receive the many health benefits it offers!

There are a multitude of uses for castor oil and it all involves healing to some degree. 

Consider constipation that affects approximately 4 million people per year according to Johns Hopkins. For those who suffer from this malady, this may be result of not eating adequate fiber daily, taking medications that cause everything internally to slow down and then not drinking sufficient water to keep everything moving. Without taking one spoonful of this unfairly despised, awful tasting oil, I learned there is another way to treat this condition.

Have you watched Barbara O’Neill videos on YouTube? This Queensland, Australian naturopath and nutritionist gives us information regarding natural healing methods that are simple and logical. 

I discovered Dr O’Neill when I learned of a condition my granddaughter had suffered. As I was researching and reading various sites, I found Dr O’Neill’s castor oil treatment for chronic constipation.

Castor Oil, according to Dr O’Neill, penetrates very deeply when it is applied to our body. Whether you have challenges with a knee or elbow, wrist or ankle, breast or neck, a castor oil poultice can likely make a difference when it is applied frequently.  Making a poultice may seem a little out there but when I saw how easily Barbara put one together, it made perfect sense that her ideas would benefit many.

Making an at-home castor oil poutice is quite simple. Make certain you only use organic, non-hexane castor oil. Three folded cloth diapers can be used and reused many times. Just roll the poultice in a large piece of plastic wrap and refresh every few days with additional castor oil.

Barbara also makes onion poultices that are explained in an array of her many videos.  Here’s a link to enjoy more information on Barbara O’Neill’s natural healing.

This somewhat controversial naturopath can teach us a lot. All we have to do is click and listen.