Want Stronger Eyelids and Beautiful Lashes?

Vision impaired by sagging eye lids? We hear from men and women far and wide who lament their distress and aggravation that their eye lids are loose and sagging. Facing surgery, they turn to us to help them non-surgically. And we do!

Lifting eye lids surgically is quite lucrative. Blepharoplasty (pronounced blef uh roe plas tee), the act of cutting and removing excess skin and fat from your eye lids, currently boasts an annual revenue in the millions as each procedure can easily run $10,000. It is estimated that there were 1.3 million procedures in 2017.

Each procedure is different – to make the eye surgery appealing and the results successful, protruded fat pads in the lower eye may need to be removed. Of course, this adds to the cost and the recuperation time. Symmetry is a big concern as well as the ability to close your eyes.

Sagging eyebrows likely begin their sinister descent in our 30’s. At first, we do not notice this gradual, sneaky lengthening of our forehead muscle but as we move into our 40’s and 50’s, the effect of this becomes apparent as the distance between our eye brows and eye lashes diminish.

As we reach mid 60’s and beyond, our eye lids, without Facial Magic® exercise, will likely need a surgical intervention. Do you feel the strain of constantly lifting your brows when you want to see clearly?

You may recognize other signs that indicate your vision is slowly eroding due to cascading eye lids: Blocked vision, wrinkled skin on your upper lids, crow’s feet and eye makeup application is tricky.

Safer driving, looking less tired and experiencing less eye strain when reading are three reasons to seriously use the Facial Magic Upper Eye Exercise daily. You will feel better about yourself, you’ll look better in selfies and most of all, no surgery.

Facial Magic Upper Eye Exercise requires only 35 seconds of contraction. Once a day, get in front of a mirror so you can concentrate on this exercise technique to lift your eye brows and strengthen your eye lids. The results will come without resorting to harmful chemicals, drugs or the unpredictability of facial plastic surgery.

Using the entire Facial Magic program will rejuvenate your face – most users tell us they look 5, 10, even 15 years younger, and certainly you will love this eye exercise! Try it here:  https://www.cynthiarowland.com/facial-magic/free-eye-lift

And the beautiful lashes? Gently scrub your eyelashes, horizontally, back and forth, ten times with your fingertips when you’re showering or washing your face.