Want to Recognize Yourself at 60?

Women everywhere under the age of 40 are terrified!

They are beginning to feel invisible.

The opposite sex, once super attentive, now are lukewarm. Less honking horns, fewer cat whistles, dazzling smiles or meaningful winks. 

Right on cue, the subtle signs of aging are beginning to grip these once super-beautiful gals with the reality that skin can change and when it does, i.e., sagging and drooping, these not-so-sudden tell-tale signs can send even the most levelheaded gals straight to the plastic surgeon’s office for the latest plumping or paralyzing injections.

The allure of the “quick fix” can be quite tempting and enticing as slick ads of air-brushed faces beckon you. The process seems so easy, and it is!  Close your eyes and let the injections begin!

But wait! What about side effects that can sideline you unexpectedly? What if you don’t like your new face? What happens if there are complications? Are you in line for a REVISION?

The “cookie cutter” look – you know – everyone sort of resembles one another…overdone, plumped up cheeks, honed, slimmer nose, lip filler, V-shaped lower face, windswept cheeks, and foreheads that show pinpricks is truly mind bending.

 Gone is your natural, God-given beauty forever because once there are alterations via surgery and injections, your face is forever changed, and you may not like it and you may not want to continue outlaying wads of cash as you witness your face becoming a little distorted, even somewhat wonky as procedure after procedure has consequences.

The safe and reliable solution to combat facial aging is the very same for a body that finds itself out of shape, lumpy and not very attractive…exercise!

Not twists, puckers, funny faces, or contortions but true isometric exercise that changes the shape and contour of your face by stopping the cause of droopiness – sagging facial muscles and skin.

Lifting and tightening facial features with exercise requires only a few minutes of time as each exercise movement requires 35 seconds of contraction. 

As you learn and perform the Facial Magic® routine, you will witness your younger self returning.  Your dedication now will certainly work in your favor so that you’ll recognize yourself at 60 and beyond!