What is Your Biggest Beauty Concern?

No wonder the stomach paralyzing Ozempic, a diabetic weight loss drug is so popular! Evidently, weight is a huge beauty concern as sales of Ozempic and Wegovy continue to rise.

Weight control sometimes feels impossible.  Gaining on average of eight pounds per year after say age 21 can be mind-blowing when you calculate that in 20 years, your body could likely be carrying an additional 160 pounds of unwanted heaviness if you’re not mindfully addressing the core problem:  your plate.

We tend to celebrate with food. Birthdays, holidays, celebrations – all involve food and usually, lots of it. 

Choosing foods that can fit onto a salad plate is a good starting point. Using a smaller plate may seem silly but portion control is key.

Intermittent fasting is also recommended for better weight management. Choose the 8-hour window to enjoy food – first meal at 8:00 a.m. last morsel in your mouth at 4:00 p.m.

If you rely on your scale to determine your weight, weigh only in the morning after your first bathroom visit and before your first cup of coffee.

Regularly beating yourself up for overeating isn’t necessary but learning why you allow such behavior is the question. Is it sweets? No matter what the dessert is, you’re going to own it? Willpower goes out the window when goodies call your name?

Sugar addiction, refined carbs, the tendency to overeat at most every meal and the very powerful Ozempic injections are the perfect storm in the most bizarre way. 

Dr Bryan Ardis and Mike Adams discuss how Reptilian venom has been added to the formula. Not only are there multiple side effects, beyond diarrhea and vomiting, Ozempic could also be dangerous in the long term as thyroid cancer is possible as a future consequence.

Here’s the riveting, information packed interview in full.  https://www.brighteon.com/21f4052b-8527-416a-9641-10f298befed6

The buzzwords Safe and Effective cannot be attributed in the same sentence to anything injected. After hearing Dr. Ardis caution that the once-a-week injection, recommended to use for the rest of their lives is derived from Gila monster lizard venom, you may want to consider your plate size to ward off diabetes and the related side effect of that condition.