When Plastic Surgery Disappoints

The ads are so compelling. The results look amazing. What could possibly go wrong?

Just a few harmless nips and tucks here and there with a few years between procedures and then, without warning, your results are not to your liking. A face that is under assault from multiple surgical procedures and more than multiple injections cannot be disguised.

Basically, injection come in two variations:  Plumping and paralyzing.

Injections that promise to plump certain facial areas are especially appealing to prop up sagging cheeks, hollows under the eyes and lower mouth wrinkles.

So are injections that paralyze the forehead, particularly the elevens between the brows, smoothing wrinkled skin, but they can create tell-tale bunny lines on the sides of some noses.

Bring a facelift or two to the mix and it is the perfect storm for disappointment. Unwelcome, disappointing results are experienced when too many procedures have been executed and completed. 

Just ask Sharon Osbourne who has been very vocal about her facial procedures. Evidently, according to DailyMail.uk, Sharon is not pleased with the latest procedure. She claims that her eyes and mouth didn’t quite make the mark of excellence she was expecting.

Sharon’s recent go round with Ozempic has resulted in a 42-pound weight loss which is quite evident in her latest photos. Losing fat in the face and losing it so rapidly can create an odd yet oldish look to the face. Her facial muscles have been altered, cut, sutured, and repositioned. Reducing the fat, that wonderful cushion that helps create the shape and contour of our faces, is dangerous long-term no matter what your age. Once the fat is gone, it’s highly unlikely to return.

Supposedly, this last go round with injections, surgery and seams has caused Sharon to declare that she is no longer interested in pursuing further plastic surgery. All along, we’ve seen photos of her and sincerely, even though her “look” has changed, she’s still highly recognizable and she seems to be in good health.

Maybe she will honor her health and give Facial Magic® a whirl.