Why I Fell in Love With Facial Magic®

I fell in love with Facial Magic because the Facial Magic exercises provide the most reliable method to maintain your beauty. 

The exercises are proven safe, easy-to-learn, easy-to-perform and as long as you are consistent with the routine, I know you’ll love this exercise program, too because your face will lift, tighten and look better and better.

When people ask how I learned this most remarkable facelift product, I tell them that my friend, Taylor, who lived in Denver, introduced me to Marcella, the woman from France, who taught this facial exercise technique in a small clinic setting.

Marcella, with her shock of white, teased hair was a very enthusiastic woman with a can-do attitude. She believed every face could be sculpted into a more youthful visage.

As she assessed my face, she assured me that my sagging eyelid would lift off my lashes and the little wattle that was developing under my chin would smooth and lift.

She introduced me to women in the waiting room who excitedly shared their beginning photos with me and that’s when I knew this tiny, French, well-bred woman had developed something magical.

I immediately enrolled in her program and told her I was hoping we could establish a working relationship. Her eyes lit up and I knew there were great possibilities in my future.

For the next nine months I was a sponge. I was Marcella’s shadow learning every nuance of these youth-enhancing movements. We hired aestheticians and began training them because we had such a high volume of response from a localized mailing effort, that we knew we did not have enough bodies to man our endeavor.

Everything was progressing. We were growing the visibility of Facial Magic and we were elated. And then, everything changed, and I mean everything.

Marcella’s husband had an incident that sent us reeling. Her high-ranking retired military man had been diagnosed with dementia, but little did we know how progressive that disease could become in just a short time. It only took a few upsetting occurrences and then Marcella was gone.

I was on vacation and received a frantic call from one of our clients that there was a note on the clinic door saying that the clinic was closed. This shocking news quickly ended my vacation time and as I drove back to Denver, I knew my life was in great flux.

Marcella and her friend, Marilyn, made certain I had the clinic files, but I had to find another facility to finalize training and teaching women who had paid for their program. At that time, I was housesitting a very large prestigious home and that’s where the clients came to finish their 12-week training.

Funny how the Universe works! While I was busy with clients, I met a man from Utah who had a multi-level marketing company. After a few meetings, he offered me a very lucrative position in his company with the caveat that I would relocate to Los Angeles. YES!

So off to the Los Angeles area I went living and officing at the beach! The ocean was at our front door.

After a time working for the Utahan, we had hard clashes and soon I was out of a job that paid very, very well.

I had been toying with the idea of putting the Facial Magic information onto video and as I was sitting on the upper deck, watching the water, being unemployed, praying for guidance, I heard “the voice.” I was explicitly told to do the video.

When the Universe has an idea for you, I’ve learned that pathways open and nothing can stop what is occurring.

Money was raised, I met with the right people and in hardly anytime at all, we were shooting our first video production that later won CSULB a prestigious award.

The next step was marketing and again, we were blessed to begin introducing this amazing ‘look better than you have in years’ product to the world via shopping channels. But first, we had to have production of the video, the booklet, the Daily Lift and the gloves. It all happened thanks to an Israeli video production group in North Hollywood who believed wholeheartedly in the magic of facial exercise when I presented only a few before & after photos of the women I had coached in Denver.

After debuting on Value Vision and then Canadian Home Shopping, HSN came next and after a super successful infomercial, QVC was the last stop for shopping channels.

The infomercial catapulted us into 27 countries in 7 languages.

The love affair with Facial Magic has not stopped. I love that we can take faces that have been stressed, stricken with age and help those faces look better than they have in years.

I also love that we can keep faces lifted, tightened, and sculpted on those whose faces have yet to show the beginning of hooded eyes, nasal labial folds, double chin and the dreaded wattle.

Without drugs, doctor visits or anything invasive like a needle or a scalpel, your face can look 10 to 15 years younger in hardly anytime at all – Promise!

That’s why I love Facial Magic!