Why Makeovers Are So Important

Working on your face, exercising it day after day deserves a reward!  

Consider Janet Leone’s face with her heavily lined cheeks, a wobbly wattle and no contour to her face due to loss of fat.

Janet is one of these gals who lives life to the extreme. Her tales of adventure from scuba diving with sharks to skydiving to being a full-time registered nurse who mentors students could have you shaking your head in amazement. Her outstanding caring nature and kind of quirky sense of humor – after all, she does have 3 cats that talk to her, makes her a joy to personally work with one on one.

Learning the Facial Magic routine, especially the first 6 exercises, can be challenging. Using gloved fingers, placement of thumbs inside your mouth, anchoring with your fingertips, isolating certain muscles, training your brain…all new avenues of learning real, proven, isometric exercises.

Janet is a model student of Facial Magic. Why? She wanted a better-looking face…and she followed “the rules”… Janet goes on daily walks, works out in a health club several times a week and has had regular facials. This very active woman drinks plenty of water and as a full-blooded Italian, she eats quite well when she’s not dealing with emergency after emergency.

Think about it…what else could she do to create a better-looking face? Surgery? Injections?

Janet used only a few skincare items – glycolic, retinol, cleanser and then added the Skin Rehab Dermaroller. Her focus on creating the sculpting, tightening and lifting she wanted for her face was deeper than skincare, she focused on Facial Magic six days in a row for weeks. Not only did she have one-on-one training for 15 weeks, she also worked out in our Daily/Weekly classes. 

Her dedication paid off and I want that for you!

Her makeover still brings smiles and lots of oohs and aahhs from those seeing her beginning and makeover photos. Many of them thought Janet’s after photo looked like her daughter! That means her results rival a 10 – 15 facial age reduction, maybe more! 

When Janet worked out, watching her face in the mirror day by day, she didn’t always see the results of her efforts. That’s typical. Our once-a-week training demonstrated readily that her results were becoming evident, in fact, at the end of Week 3, her facial features, especially her upper cheeks and upper eyes, were noticeably responding to the first six exercises.

Janet loved the idea of a makeover! New hair color, cut and style! She was mostly all in for whatever VIP Beauty of Tampa, FL suggested. Janet basically closed her eyes, said she was game for it all and had such a wonderful day interacting with the photographer, makeup artist, hair expert and wardrobe stylist.

Her results, as expected, are startling! 

When you’ve exercised your face daily for just a few weeks, changes are afoot! You may not see them but the camera will.

Get dolled up – foundation, curl your eyelashes and line your eyes, use mascara, and don’t forget your favorite lipstick. Shoot a selfie!

Do you see results?  Ready for more? Keep exercising!