Why Wait for Stitches and Swelling to Subside?

Choosing a facial surgical procedure typically requires at least 5 to 6 weeks of preparation and wait time until a slot opens for an actual procedure.

The prep work – blood draws, photos, chest x-ray, and maybe more unexpected tests, plus consultations in advance of finally laying on the table waiting for the cutting to begin.

Guess what? In that six-week span, if you’re under the age of 45, your face would likely see eye brows and cheeks lifting, tightening in all the right areas, and you’d likely be deciding to cancel all subsequent facial appointments that included injections and surgery.

True story:  At the age of 41, Jan lost 60 pounds via dieting and exercising over the course of about three years. Her face was showing the effects of soft, slightly sagging skin, especially throughout her neck and jowls. Her cheeks no longer looked youthful when she smiled, and she wanted to capture the radiant, more youthful face she once had.

The day our paths crossed at a Minneapolis based shopping channel was the very day she had made her appointment for a surgical facelift.

She accepted my gift of a Facial Magic® Starter Kit and declared with a determined attitude that she would give this non-surgical facial exercise method her best because she was fearful of surgery and was highly skeptical that surgical results would enhance her face.

Long story short – Jan cancelled the surgery during her sixth week of using Facial Magic because her entire face and neck, the very regions where she wanted to see the most results were lifting and tightening and she was thrilled. Jan went on to become an HGTV host and preserved her natural beauty using her fingers and thumbs instead of syringes and a scalpel.

Healing from a surgical procedure is at least a several months to a year process. Yes, it’s likely that topically the wound/scar will look presentable but deep in the tissue, the tissue that was disturbed during the surgery, is still delicately knitting together. You may experience a loss of feeling, excessive swelling and even infection or other complications like fever, breathing difficulties or worsening pain when unexpected post-surgery challenges arise.

Avoid all the unexpected and do what Jan did – Train your face to look younger!