Why We Love Broccoli!

Yum, yum! Eating raw broccoli dipped in chunky blue cheese dressing is one of my favorite food combinations. Lightly steamed broccoli without any adornments is delicious, too. Crunchy broccoli salad with red onion and bacon – oh boy! What is it with this fascination and desire for broccoli?

This nutritious and delicious veggie contains cancer fighting properties. Broccoli is full of minerals, vitamins, potent antioxidants and fiber. Broccoli can be eaten daily anytime. For me, eating a handful of broccoli florets stops hunger.

One interesting aspect of eating broccoli on a regular daily basis is that consuming this delicious food may lower blood sugar and improve the control of type 2 diabetes. This mighty little “tree-like” green veggie also helps improve digestion and elimination with its fiber action.

Consuming broccoli may slow the aging process in our brains and in all of our body. After all, broccoli is loaded with Vitamin C which is a very, very powerful antioxidant. There’s probably more research needed to accurately establish just how powerful broccoli is, especially when it comes to boosting our immune system and reversing the look of facial aging.

This disease fighting, vitamin packed vegetable boasts an array of vitamins like A, C, K and Calcium, this is a valuable food that can and will impact your over-all health.

Even though the lowly broccoli plant has been unjustly maligned, this no-calorie, no-fat food fights inflammation and acts as a natural detox that can eliminate potentially disease-causing elements from the body.

Raw, steamed, or finely chopped, broccoli is one the most nutrient dense foods to eat. 

If you’ve ever grown your own, the taste is much more pronounced, the broccoli crowns are quite large and the florets are super delicious.