You Can’t Heal Your Body if You Are Poisoning It

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Accepting the fact that you are mostly responsible for your health is sometimes difficult for people to swallow.

Everything you ingest has an impact on the body. Choices matter.

Everything you put on your skin has an impact on your overall health.

Everything you breathe into your lungs has an impact on your health because toxins are everywhere in our air.

Everything you allow to permeate your being, whether it’s an injection, a pill, whiffs and wafts of smoke or chemicals, your body just might one day rebel and say, “Enough!”

Whether you are taking a statin, a blood pressure medication or an anti-depressant, your body knows these substances are not inherently part of your natural makeup.

Let’s say your body has been “acting out” but you can’t quite put your finger on why. The why may have begun years and years ago. Perhaps you’ve ingested pharmaceuticals or OTC meds for a long, long time for a chronic condition, these items may be a culprit.

One instance of how one person’s body absolutely screamed for mercy after years and years of alcohol abuse was when his legs were amputated due to excessive alcohol consumption throughout most of his adult life. This was certainly a more than serious wake-up call for a 50-something man, but it came too late for any beneficial health changes that would save his legs.

Injections in your face can have detrimental consequences. Too many can make you look wonky and yes, injections of all kinds are poison in your body. The ingredients are largely untested (sound familiar) and long-term side effects are not in your favor.

Keeping your body pristine and healthy requires that you learn to read labels, educate yourself on how to keep sickness away using food as medicine, drinking only filtered water without harmful chemicals, using supplements, exercise daily and choose organic and pure food whenever possible.