You Only Fail When You Quit

“Never Give Up, Never Give In” are words spoken by many leaders to their countrymen. This slogan sounds good, especially to me. As a business owner, these words act as a ‘cheer’ to keep all this forging ahead.

There are certain words that are not in my vocabulary…they are ‘quit, retire, give up, stop, no.’

Oh sure, it’s easy to throw in the towel and I can certainly name a few blips that made me stumble but I want you to know that I knew Facial Magic® would be a raging success. How? Why?

First of all, my face would always be the barometer. If I could faithfully master and perform the exercise routine, this would be the indication of the efficacy of strengthening the underlying facial muscles with anchoring techniques and contraction. 

Skepticism was pretty evident from the beginning but as these exercises were explained and demonstrated, to me, there was never any question whether this exercise program would benefit every face. After all, exercise is natural and these techniques are superb. 

I knew I controlled how age and aging would affect my face

Slipping on a pair of exercise gloves many times a day to demonstrate and practice the moves became second nature to me. 

Strengthening and lifting became ingrained in my understanding of this unique face-saving, facelifting routine. Muscles that are lax, soft and elongated will change one’s appearance and this is especially true in the face.

We can hide most body flaws with clothing. Jiggly upper arms can be camouflaged with longer sleeves and a thickening waistline disguised with a poplin design but how do you cleverly curtail the look of losing one’s youthful visage? Sagging facial skin, droopy facial features, jowls and pouches are just a few indicators that age is attacking your face and you are losing the battle.

The only choice for me when I learned of this most magical treatment for the face and neck was to allow these facial exercises to lift, tone and tighten my facial muscles. All I had to do was follow along and be consistent.

You only fail when you quit applies to every aspect of your life. If you quit exercising, you give in to the look of old.