Your Biological Age Without Seams, Sutures or Jabs

No wonder AI (artificial intelligence) has been enlisted to judge how your biological age coincides with your chronological age. Why? The variables for aging are vast, assorted, and likely forever changing.

Do you have sisters? Where are you in the birth order? Have you and your sisters aged identically throughout the years?

What about your family history of medical maladies and challenges? Any one or all have cancer? Diabetes? Heart issues?

Are any of your family members overweight? Suffering from fatty liver disease?

Has anyone in your family abused drugs or alcohol? Smoked cigarettes?  Or maybe you grew up with smokers…or married a smoker.

There are countless ways our health can be sabotaged; some intentional, some hidden…all of it contributes to aging that shows on our faces.

Yes, aging is inevitable but most of us are not content to sit idly by while our beauty fades and our confidence dissipates.

All of us have varying degrees of aging beginning from the time we are born. If we have reached a certain age, say 55, without a catastrophic illness, most likely we are aging well.

Aging well shows on your face!

At some point in your life, you decided to protect yourself from known aging factors that would leave an indelible imprint on your face.

Certainly, diet and exercise are consistent with aging well but there’s more … attitude, receptiveness to good, stress-reduction practices, good sleep habits and the willingness to be a little different as your body and soul stays in alignment with your desire to stay youthful. As Clint Eastwood so eloquently states: “Don’t Let the Old Man In.”

Without seams or sutures, you can maintain a youthful face when you practice Facial Magic®. 

Natural beauty means this program is just that! With thumbs and fingers your face can look better and better in just minutes a day as eyebrows lift, cheeks reposition, jawlines smooth and those neck bands return to their intended position.

There’s more! 

Every portion of your face and neck is exercised when you train using these specialized techniques that teach you how to isolate, anchor, and contract each muscle and muscle group so that lifting and tightening occurs.

The Facial Magic program encourages you to exercise six days a week as you begin to lift your face. 

The best part – each Facial Magic exercise requires only 35 seconds of contraction so in hardly anytime at all, your routine is complete. Learning and practicing two exercises each week, at the end of your training, all areas of your face and neck will lift as those small, hidden facial muscles reposition so that your face looks better and better.