Your Brain on Drugs, Margarine, and Sugar

Your brain is under siege.

Yes, pharmaceutical use, eating margarine rather than butter and binging on those sugary, gooey pastries can likely influence not only your brain, but also your overall health if you continually walk this pathway, choosing destructive habits. Add daily stress to this mix and you have a cocktail of misery because your body will eventually rebel.

Making oneself feel better and better is a life-long goal for many. And yet, many will give to others rather than give what’s needed to themselves.

Dietary changes and new eating habits are just one avenue that usually has a great impact as excess pounds are lost. Including more movement such as regular walking or aerobic activity has immeasurable benefits as stress is released and smiles are increased.

Adding Facial Magic® facial exercise three times a week will help your confidence level soar, your appearance to greatly improve and best of all, you’ll feel younger and more energized because you are proactively changing your mind about aging.

Looking tired, haggard, and stressed shows on our faces. Additional sleep doesn’t always help, and neither will new lipstick or foundation or even a new hairdo.

What’s needed is a regular diet of water, facial exercise, and mirror time.

Making time for yourself will change everything. Setting aside just 30 minutes three times weekly will give you plenty of time to devote to your beautiful face. Yes, you can actually complete all 18 face saving exercises in less than 30 minutes each time.

There is an interesting facet to using Facial Magic because you will learn that Facial Magic is an inside job!

Performing the routine produces an amazing endorphin release. You will begin to feel “the magic” as your energy level increases. Looking better and feeling better will have those around you wondering what has gotten into you!

Not only will your face lift, but your spirit will soar as you feel better and better about yourself.