16 Things Every 30-Something Girl Needs to Know

By: The Blush Editors


Actually, these tips can go for girls in their 20s and 40s, too. These experts have been there, done that and beyond. We love their expert advice, not to mention how their notes have inspired us to love ourselves just a little bit more.


Julie Melillo, life coach
“You are more than a wrinkle, a bad haircut, or a guy who didn’t call you back — your true beauty is deep and undeniable.”


Erika Katz, beauty writer and former child actress
“After 30, you need to wear foundation or tinted moisturizer under your makeup because skin begins to lose its natural glow and become uneven due to past sun exposure. Also, daily night cream and eye cream is a non-negotiable.”


JJ DiGeronimo, technologist, entrepreneur, blogger and author
“As you get older, your choices (wife, mother, community servant and so on) and the responsibilities that go with these choices often take ahold of your lives. This often leaves limited time for you to spend on nurturing yourself. Find a few minutes a day to do what you love, cherish your inner soul and the glow will shine through your skin for a lifetime of beauty.”


Emma Graves, herbalist and holistic skincare specialist
“Use less ‘stuff’ on your skin. The harsh chemicals found in many products tend to strip the skin of its natural defenses and may interfere with the skin’s ability to repair itself. Worse yet, over-zealous exfoliation can make you more susceptible to environmental damage. Lessening the daily assault on your skin helps to preserve its integrity and allows your natural beauty come through.”


Jasmine Grimm, owner of Ruby, Inc.
“Remember that fit is everything. The best two investments you can make in your 30s are Spanx and a tailor.”


Tiffany Hendra, beauty and style expert who teaches empowerment classes to underprivileged young women
“In your 30’s you can finally stop trying to be a 10 on the outside and work on being a ‘perfect 10’ on the inside. That’s where your true beauty exudes from! It’s an empowering time in your life because you begin realizing that we all age and wrinkle on the outside, but inner beauty is forever lasting! Oh yea, go ahead and embrace your quirks — get over the size of your thighs and stop being so critical of yourself.”


Nelson Vercher, celebrity hairstylist
“Don’t stop wearing ponytails! There is nothing hotter than a 30-something woman with a ponytail!”


Margaux J Rathbun, creator of Authentic Self Wellness
“It’s important to include plenty of beauty-boosting foods in your diet and drink plenty of water during the day. Zinc, vitamins C, E and B are important for maintaining healthy skin free from acne. Incorporate avocados, Brazil nuts, spinach, watercress, and oats into your diet, but avoid foods that are full of refined sugars and increase the amount of fiber in your daily diet from fresh vegetables and fruits. This promotes good digestive health and clear skin. Eating foods that are high in sulfur can help keep the skin smooth and youthful. Some good food sources of this include garlic, onions, eggs, and asparagus.”


Becky Sturm, CEO and founder of StormSister.biz who also grew up in her grandmother’s salon
“Once you turn 30, no more mascara or eye liner on the bottom lashes. Concentrate on the top lid with color, liner and mascara. Mascara and liner on the bottom lashes draws attention to fine lines.”


Jennifer Austin, journalist and former Fox News Radio host
“No one will respect you if you don’t respect yourself. All the beauty products in the world won’t help you if you are not confident. Also, use a cleanser that isn’t too harsh, always wear primer, and wash off your make up right when you get home!”


Pamela Jeschonek, licensed esthetician and eyebrow/makeup artist
“Now is the time to correct any brow blunders that occurred in your 20’s. Thin is not in. Lush, full brows are the perfect beauty accessory and will keep you looking youthful. Brows do not grow back as quickly in your 40’s and beyond, so put the tweezers down now and allow them flourish! Your future beautiful self will thank you.”

patricia-ann1Patricia Ann, senior wedding planner
“Be proactive in what your wear and how you look as others are looking at you to feel good too.”


Leila Larsen, creator and founder of Silly Lips natural, hydrating lip balms
“It’s important to take care of skin early on in your life. Use moisturizer every day. Thirsty skin makes you look tired and can cause damage. Taking the time to apply moisturizer can add a radiant glow and give you that instant luxurious look without having to apply a ton of makeup.”


Cynthia Rowland, an expert in all natural facial fitness
“A better, more economical approach to creating a prettier profile and maintaining your current beauty is facial exercise. Learning a facial exercise program that employs isometric contraction will lift, contour and shape your soft, spongy neck muscles and face. When you use this type of natural enhancement rather than an invasive procedure, there is no room for mishap or disappointment.”


Brenna Smith, CEO & founder of SheNOW
“Don’t change yourself for anyone. You are perfectly imperfect and the world would be different without the real you in it.”


Felicia Alva, freelance makeup artist
“Your best beauty asset is your smile — it will instantly put people at ease with you.”

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