Can Supplements Make A Difference?

Life Extension®, the science of a healthier life, provides up-to-date information regarding health and how to obtain, then maintain it.  With its decades of scientific research to increase and maximize health and wellness, they have developed a line of 400 supplements that are available online.

In the 1980’s, Durk and Sandy Shaw, biochemists, began the anti-aging supplement revolution and over the last 40+ years, this company, no longer associated with the founders, has reached scientific achievements that are aimed to prevent and treat age-related maladies.

Yes, Life Extension provides the old standards of Vitamin C, E and A, you will find they are always on the cutting-edge of introducing advances that will enhance our health and appearance. Their advances and achievements are noteworthy. Their research and development continue to produce new findings – just like the remarkable anti-aging effects of Taurine, a naturally occurring amino acid made in the body.

The July 2024 issue of Life Extension includes the segment “In The News” and this month they feature several supplements and their benefits. Here are thumbnail bits from this information:

  • Highter Vitamin D Levels Linked with Lower Risk of Cancer Deaths

Keep those Vitamin D3 levels high (higher than 20 ng/ml) to significantly lower risk of all-cause mortality – defined as all deaths for all reasons. Sold in 5,000 international units (iu) bottles, these tiny, yet powerful capsules can create a reduced risk of dying prematurely from cancer.

  • Greater Magnesium Intake Linked with Lower Risk of Mortality Following Stroke

Stroke affects 795,000 people each year. Strokes can claim more lives than cancer. Magnesium deficiency can be associated with other diseases – high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and of course, stroke. Magnesium Malate 200-400 mgs is one type available.

  •  N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) 

A supplement form of cysteine, this amino acid may improve health conditions like pain relief after spinal surgery but also this antioxidant may provide lung relief and may protect your heart and even your kidneys. One 600mg capsule is recommended.

Always check with your health care provider before adding a supplement to your anti-aging arsenal.

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