Did You Become a Recluse?

Lisa Marie wasn’t the only one who preferred the anonymity of wearing a face mask to avoid others seeing her face.

At first wearing a face mask was beyond foreign, a novelty even, but most people complied with their states’ mandates for mask wearing, standing six feet apart, washing hands at every lavatory but then there was the jab.

Not everyone lined up to be an experimental statistic. We did not initially know the lethal ramifications of consenting to take the jabs.

Most of us have never seen or known lines of cars in designated areas filled with people who were willing to allow white clad professionals, holding long swabs, used to assault nasal passages with their probing tool.

Restricted activities, including missing family time in almost every imaginable scenario, from no holidays together or even funerals, children at home rather than at school, businesses closed, churches closed, the fear began to permeate and then blanket the earth. 

It became easy to stay at home and when a trip out of the house was required, so was the mask. We saw people driving alone in their cars wearing a mask, some families wore their masks at home and then there were those who had an inkling that this entire brouhaha was fomented to keep us forever slaves to big pharma. 

As the phrase ‘spike protein’ began to enter our vocabulary, another menacing phrase that causes hairs to inexplicably rise on the back of the neck came into view: “died suddenly”!

Even though our nightly news was not providing us with answers to the questions all of us were thinking if not asking regarding this health crisis, we knew something was amiss as heart attacks, strokes, cancer and other maladies were in evidence even as the media darlings continually reiterated, over and over again, their phrase, “safe and effective.”

Sherry Tenpenny, D.O., a prominent vax truther from Ohio, twice a guest on The Ageless Sisters show, warned from the beginning that these hardly tested vial contents had the very real possibility of being quite dangerous. Dr Tenpenny cautioned that these experimental injections were just that:  experimental. No one knew anything from the manufacturers. The inserts were blank! And, she did not recommend taking these substances into our bodies, after all, the initial test subjects did not live after injection and the “pandemic” was primarily a severe cold/flu.  https://health.usnews.com/doctors/sherri-tenpenny-797953

Christiane Northrup, MD, along with Judy Mikovits, MD and other notable physicians believe whether you are vaxxed or not, supplementation of vitamins and minerals is essential. They, too, agree that the jabs are a risky medical procedure and must be avoided at all costs.

Becoming a recluse is easy…hiding behind a mask is, too. But the good news is this: Let your beautiful face be a light in the world.