Do You Eat Red Meat?

I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma where cattle was raised. My Dad was an auctioneer and owned a small commission sale barn in a very small town. From a very young age, we had the finest steaks, burgers and ribs. I ate red meat until I was in my mid 30’s. Somehow I trusted the meat that Dad provided.

Now, there is evidence that consuming red meat is a pathway to cancer.

According to the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, eating red meat can double the risk of colon cancer. If you eat red meat four times a week or more, the risk quadruples!

Dr Leonard Caldwell’s newsletter regarding red meat says this: “…red meat is often butchered and prepped with MSG, nitrates, nitrites, hormones, antibiotics, ammonia, bleach, smoke, salt, more salt, more cooking, and then gassed and dyed to look red and ripe again.” It’s not just red meat that can cause cancer, it’s any processed meat!

Time to eat more veggies!