Does Your Doctor Recommend Facial Exercise?


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Doctors know that their patients have muscles in their faces but when they think of exercise for the face to help their clients look younger, most docs believe that facial exercise consists of scrunches, twists and puckers.  They would be right!  Most facial exercise programs are confusing and laughable. Who in their right mind would believe that twitches, funny faces and contortions would correct anything?

No wonder the medical community is confused about recommending facial exercise to their patients because the movements used by most of the facial exercise programs can indeed cause more wrinkling simply by accentuating the existing lines and wrinkles – repetitive movement.  Who needs that?

If one keys the phrase “facial exercise” into a search engine, depending on the day, one can easily find that over 1 million choices are offered touting facial exercise.  When most of the sites are accessed, the reader can usually try an exercise proffered by the “expert” that promises to make the reader look younger.   Some of these movements are quite bizarre; it is no wonder that physicians cannot legitimately recommend these exercises to their clients who want to look younger without surgery, injections or risk.

Carefully orchestrated facial exercises that use resistance training are indeed the most effective exercise techniques because they truly address the cause of aging in faces.  Some aging is caused by sun damage and exposure to the elements but the greatest cause of aging is really about sagging facial muscles.

Well-known cosmetic surgeon, Mark Berman, M.D., who practices in Santa Monica, California, believes that certain facial exercises can indeed produce younger looking faces as long as the exercise regimen is continued.  He states, “I have seen the results and they’re really quite impressive. And actually if you think about it, this makes sense medically. After all, when you exercise your body, you’re going to tone and tighten the muscles in your body. So why not apply the same principles to your face.If you stay with the program, it should work indefinitely.”

There are essentially two ways to change the shape and contour of the face. One is to alter it surgically. The other is more conventional, certainly safer and longer lasting and that is to plump up or lift the underlying muscles with exercise.  Isometric facial exercises with resistance will fill up the void created by loss of fat and collagen production.

If one chooses surgery to look younger, the procedure is not permanent and subsequent face lifts or other interventions are required to keep the patient looking young and fresh.  Within months of a surgical procedure, the patient will notice gradual loosening and shifting of the muscles, reminding them that they spent thousands of dollars, risked their life with anesthesia, have a loss of sensation and scars that daily remind them of their choices.

The same continued expense is required if one chooses any of the injections currently available.  These are expensive and must be repeated several times per year to maintain the status quo.  But do injections really keep the patient’s face from aging?  No.  The facial muscles continue their downward slide so more and more injections are required.  Ask yourself:  How long can a person continue to inject foreign substances into their faces before they no longer resemble themselves?

Regular exercise of the facial muscles will make those muscles stronger and firmer thereby causing them to shorten and plump up.  This action fills in the hollowness and makes the skin feel and look younger and thicker.

Facial exercise will tone, lift and tighten your cheeks, jowls, eyes and chin helping you to look younger and more vibrant with each passing day.  Just think about it – you can save your money and take your new face on a well deserved vacation.