Ho! Ho! Ho! Is There Enough Fun in Your Life?

Do you give yourself permission to take an unexpected day off and just have some fun?

Many have forgotten how to really have fun. Maybe you just need a heart change.

Fun can come in many ways, some unexpected – sometimes we fail to react to incidents that used to make us smile and laugh, that made us feel alive! Feeling youthful, feeling spontaneous and enthusiastic can enhance not only our appearance, your positive attitude can set the room on fire.

Feeling joy in our favorite activities makes us smile. Whether reading a book, walking, bowling, hanging out with friends and family or cooking for others, when we find joy, we are fully attuned to the moment.

Joy and peace go together.

Living peacefully brings many positive adventures to us. As we radiate our love and peace to others, we attract health, prosperity and joyful relationships to us. Our peaceful words and kind actions have power.

And, smiles have power, too! Yes, by smiling at those we meet and greet might be the best thing that happened to them all day, all week, all month, all year!

Most of all, listen to your body, discern your needs. Give yourself permission to be beautiful, adorable, caring, sexy, cute and gracious in this new year.