Keeping Yourself Young

Life Extension® is a great resource for healthy living. Their writers keep the readers informed on many levels of nutrition, supplements and timely health tips.

Keeping young requires a mind-set that prioritizes fitness and healthy eating. Most often, healthy living requires supplementation because our diets and our food supply has been sabotaged with chemicals and other additives that we see cropping into an ingredient list.

In the March 2023 issue of Life Extension, there is an article describing how a …”a tightly monitored, randomized controlled clinical trial investigated the combination of vitamin D, omega-3s, and simple home exercise program on invasive cancer risk in older people.

After only three years, there was an astounding 61% reduced risk of invasive cancers in this group compared to placebo.”

Cancer prevention is key to keeping yourself young and active.

Consistency again comes into play. Many people buy supplements but are lazy about regularly taking them.

Consider Vitamin D. Only 20 to 30 minutes of daily sunshine provides our required amount of protection. Most people work daily in environments that inhibit daily sunbathing so Vitamin D, according to Life Extension, should be supplemented daily.  Most health professionals suggest 5,000 iu daily to maintain an optimum level of protection. (The study used vitamin D3 – 2000 iu daily!)

There are long term benefits to other cancer fighting supplements as well. Vitamin C, Magnesium (activates vitamin D in the body), Vitamin E, selenium, and others. Basically, they’re all so affordable when you consider the real cost of cancer.

Poor health usually develops slowly. Most poor health is a result of drinking contaminated water, eating high carbohydrate foods, drinking alcohol excessively, taking too many antibiotics and forgoing a regular exercise routine. 

These harmful actions will take their toll in some form or fashion (inflammation) when you least expect that ill health could befall you. Whether it’s high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer you have a choice to keep your body fit. And it starts now!