Is alcohol aging YOU?

Even though these photos are extremely photoshopped to show the effects of over-indulging in adult beverages, I do believe that alcohol does cause a detrimental look to our faces. Like Al Sears, MD, says, if you think resveratrol is going to make you look younger, you’re better off receiving its benefits in a pill because you cannot drink enough red wine to make a positive difference.

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New Year New You: The big apple diet slice by slice

My Manhattanite girlfriends are all pretty slim and I believe it’s because they walk much more than those of us who live in Los Angeles and they usually eat out at least one meal each day.

The rules that are listed are sound so get on the bandwagon, pretend you’re living in the most fabulous city on earth and watch those pounds melt away.

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Don’t Pout, There’s Help For Lips

Everyone has probably heard by now that hands can show your age, but did you know lips can show age, too? When you’re young, even if your lips are on the thin side they are usually smooth and naturally rosy, but as we age, our lips lose volume and the natural color we’re born with…

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Time to Nail Down Your Autumn Style

New fall nail trends let you express your individuality.


The change of seasons is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about your look for fall. Most women will reassess their wardrobes, opting for autumn colors and bringing out the sweaters, but what about your hands?

Industry expert and Custom Nail Solutions President Katie Saxton has the inside scoop on the hottest trends of the season. She says that crackle polishes and blue hues are out and new colors and designs are in.

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When Strep Throat Moves to Your Toes (and Other Limbs)

Strep throat is a serious condition and now even more so after I learned it can be linked to flesh eating disease. Keep your immune system in working order so that you can avoid complications from a seemingly normal malady. You may want to pass this to your friends and family – I just did!…

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New York City Walkers Find Foot Relief

Jackie and I found Baby Foot at Cosmoprof Las Vegas and marveled at Diane Ranger’s soft, baby smooth feet that she proudly showed us. Without anything harmful, calluses and thicker skin are gently lifted in less than two weeks. You’ll want to use it again and agina!

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Beauty Experts Discover Secret Tip For Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Experts in the beauty business have discovered a new, secret little tip for cleaning makeup brushes, beauty tools and even for whitening finger nails. Generic store brand effervescent denture cleanser tablets are a quick, easy and inexpensive no-scrub/low-scrub way to remove build up and gunk from many beauty products.

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Young people who use sunbeds ‘are twice as likely to develop deadliest skin cancer’

By now most everyone knows that overexposure to the sun creates a risk for not only dry, leathery skin but the possibility of creating skin cancer. Sun exposure or tanning rays from tanning beds may accelerate skin cancer, too, so you may want to rethink lying in a UV bed that bakes you on all sides. We need Vitamin D say the experts but only 20 minutes of sun exposure each day is the recommended dose and you can get that by taking a walk or deliberately sitting outside enjoying Mother Nature.

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Dr. Lisa Cowley – Wellness Coach at Health Whisperer

Listen to internet radio with The Ageless Sisters on Blog Talk Radio Dr. Lisa Cowley provides individualized programs in weight loss, anti-aging, depression, anxiety, women’s health, and wellness coaching. Dr. Cowley attended New York Chiropractic College and completed her undergraduate degree at the State University of New York College at Cortland. She maintained a private…

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The Ten Twitpic Commandments!

The Ten Twitpic Commandments! Inspired by Twitter-loving stars, the FEMAIL guide to the A-list magic twicks that make those ‘spontaneous’ shots so #fabulous

These are all great tips to take a more flattering photo but there is a tip that insures that you look absolutely smashing in every photo. This tip comes from Jackie Silver, “Chin down, now out like a turtle.” I tried this remedy with my elderly aunts when we were shooting at Christmas and they were so pleased that this simple direction created a better angle so that necks and chins appeared taut. They loved their photos!

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Gorgeous Custom Shoes Online

High tech startup scans your feet. BY: JACKIE SILVER How do all those celebrities manage to look so composed on the red carpet tottering around on sky-high heels? It isn’t easy to pull off the super high heel look…unless those shoes are made for your own feet. Now, a new company offers custom-made shoes online.…

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Fashionable Body Shaping Swimwear By SugieWogie

Listen to internet radio with The Ageless Sisters on Blog Talk Radio Fashionable Body Shaping Swimwear By SugieWogie was chosen as one of Blog Talk Radio’s Staff Picks Shari Reihl – Founder of Sugie Wogie Designs Sugie Wogie Designs – Patent Pending Swim Dresses. They are the only control swimsuit that doubles as a fashionable…

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