New Episode of the Ageless Sisters

the ageless sisters return

The Ageless Sisters enjoyed discussing the shut-in adventures of cooking and painting, especially seeing Jackie Silver’s Covid-19 creations that you can view here and at her site.

Watch the video here.

Viewer’s questions were discussed:  questions answered regarding the Facial Magic gloves, why Jackie chose Facial Magic, and how the word “diet” needs to be removed from our vocabulary.

Other topics include the use of melatonin – it’s not just for sleeping – collagen gummies for luxurious hair, nails and skin and now this diet tip:  supersize your veggies, especially your green veggies. Piling more veggies on can be easily adopted as well as cutting everything else in half.

Mid-afternoon tip:  Rather than a coffee break, why not try the new instant spearmint tea that increases focus and concentration. Just what’s needed before the end of the work day.