Pillows and Sleep

Pillows and Sleep

Sometimes, sleep escapes me. It is my pillow or is it my brain activating itself at midnight?

For years I have slept on a “bucky” – a buckwheat hull-filled pillow that keeps your head and spine aligned. One feature of this pillow is that it seems to cool my head which I like. After 10 years of sleeping on my buckwheat pillow, I noticed that the hulls were disintegrating, deflating my pillow.

I tried a down pillow – not my choice because I found that I could easily nestle my face into that soft edge as I am a side sleeper. Overtime, the action of nestling your face could create wrinkles in the cheeks, in the forehead and around the mouth.

Long story short, I purchased a new buckwheat pillow after trying several types of pillows. I love this pillow because it conforms to me and I can easily push those buckwheat hulls into submission so the edge of the pillow is near my ear. This frees my face from wrinkles. Now if I could only get Bosco to sleep vertically on the bed rather than horizontally…

Remember, for the best sleep:  keep your bedroom dark and cool, free of everything electric near your bed. Keep your cell phone and your laptop in another room. Refrain from beverages anything after 8:00 pm.