Sitting Much?

Sitting at my desk hours at a time has been my routine for quite some time. You, too? Practically everything required in business these days involves the computer – private consultations, training, Zoom meetings, writing, etc., these activities are usually performed while sitting.

Sitting for such long stretches may be productive; however, your back, neck, hips, tummy muscles, spine and even your waist, thighs and posture are affected by how long you sit.

One of my friends who is a writer working on her third book spends long, long hours researching, reading, writing and developing with words her passion of better health. Early on she developed wrist challenges and her back suffered from these long bouts of sitting in her office in front of her computer. Her acupuncturist recommended that she stand up every 20 minutes. That advice helped. Now she has a Pilates reformer in her office that she uses daily. She’s slim and trim and her back is much improved.

Most experts agree that too much sitting can be injurious to your health. Remember the campaign:  Sitting – The New Smoking? Well, turns out too much sitting can bring on heart disease, cancer, even diabetes. Too much sitting, IMHO, invites the body invaders to attack.

It’s just like having a badly sprained ankle, if you don’t move it, challenge it, you may not heal as quickly. Sitting or lying down too often for too long enhances the risk of metabolic syndrome caused by one factor: overeating. It’s so easy to eat while you’re composing. Sitting is inactivity and in order to feel and look better, you’ve got to move…often.

Here on the farm, a 10-minute walk to and from the barn or to the gate and back acts to clear my mind and feel more positive about myself.

Perhaps you need to examine how many hours per day do you sit?