Taurine Wins!

Dietary supplement, Taurine, has been designated a special award lauding healthy longevity as an “antiaging intervention” according to the latest edition from Life Extension® magazine.

Antiaging and healthy longevity in the same sentence when describing the attributes of Taurine means that this amino acid can likely make a significant difference in how your body ages.

No surprise, as we age, the naturally occurring Taurine levels dramatically subside which in turn creates age-related problems, i.e., obesity, high blood pressure, depression, and overall, a less than healthy appearance.

Taurine has been studied for decades revealing far-reaching results and the 2023 study published in the journal, Science, gives credence to the media coverage that asked many questions like “Does taurine deficiency speed-up aging?” “Is Taurine the key to longer life?” and this: “Taurine may be a key to longer and healthier life”.

Boosting our good health means we must pay attention to detail and stop eating chemically manufactured foods.

Yes, supplements are meant to boost our health and until recently so was our food but sadly, we find that our food supply has been tainted with life-sapping chemicals that other countries have outlawed.

Eating foods that promote taurine in our bodies come from seafood, chicken, and turkey. Other meats such as pork and beef contain some taurine as well as milk and yogurt. Very little taurine is available via plant-based food.

Increasing the taurine levels in our bodies may help in many ways to increase other health benefits as it helps regulate blood sugar levels while protecting and supporting vision and eye health which can mean a lower risk of diabetes.

Another benefit of taurine is heart health. Studies indicate that this amino acid can assist in reducing blood pressure and artery stiffness which is essential to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular network.

As an anti-aging supplement, Taurine, has not gone unnoticed. So, ask your health care provider if Taurine might be an ideal asset to your anti-aging arsenal of goodies.