The Harsh Ozempic® Faces

Premature aging, accelerated aging and the harsh, Ozempic face has been featured in many articles as we see once handsome and beautiful faces affected by extreme weight loss.

Oh sure, carrying a few extra pounds means your face might look a little fuller or rounder but your beautiful face can appear dramatically altered when you deplete the supporting, underlying fat that keeps your face looking youthful and radiant.

Consider this:  depleted facial fat is attributed to droopy skin and sagging muscles.

Celebrities wear these noticeable changes that make them look almost sickly with gaunt features, less than radiant skin and an almost look of desperation in their eyes as they see what we see.

Losing weight and keeping it off can be challenging as food tempts us. Our eating habits were formed long ago and even though we go from one eating plan to another, it all works for a while, and then, it’s back to what is familiar, easy, convenient, and comfortable.

One vocal opponent of losing too much weight with these injections is Sharon Osbourne. Yes, her face has changed from surgery and rapid weight loss of 42 pounds. Now she is faced with dissatisfaction and little recourse because her last revision was disappointing. 

Recent photos of other celebs have surfaced showing very distinct facial changes attributed to weight loss via Ozempic. 

It’s natural that fat is depleted from all parts of the body when losing weight. Where fat accumulates, whether intentionally dieting via injection or otherwise, knees, fingers, and faces seem to lose fat the fastest – leaving waist, tummy, hips, and thighs for last.

Yes, when you lose fat, whether gradually or quickly, your face and your body will most likely appreciate those lost pounds; however, as your body benefits from exercise, so does your face. Facial Magic® facial exercise will keep your face lifted and tightened.