Three Possible Causes of Dementia  

If you are being treated for diabetes, depression, and high blood pressure, these are three culprits that might speed the development of dementia.

Cognitive decline, whether it’s Alzheimer’s, dementia, or long covid, these conditions can affect not only your life expectancy, but your overall health is likely to be impaired.

Realizing that a loved one, whether friend or relative is experiencing mild forgetfulness, i.e., ‘where’s my cell phone, have you seen my keys, where did I put my glasses’, is one thing but when normal, everyday occurrences escalate into other symptoms like not knowing how to navigate certain streets or routes, there is warranted cause for concern.

Have you ever doubted your impeccable sense of direction? Well, those loved ones in decline can suffer in silence as they forget street names, feeling disoriented and lost. Temporarily forgetting their telephone number or even the address where they live can be horribly upsetting. 

Daily life for those who live alone is likely lonely. 

Successfully navigating the kitchen without incident may require assistance if your loved one is experiencing decline. Unfortunately, not all “assistance” is welcomed and may be seen as an intrusion as agitation and anger increases.

Trust issues, driving ability, even walking, are just a few of the challenges that face one who is suffering from a likely progressive condition. Confusion, memory loss and other conditions become the norm for them.

Treatments for disease using pharmaceuticals may contribute to mental decline. After all, taking medication for high blood pressure day-after-day, year-after- year without any resulting lowering of the readings begs the questions to be asked:  Is it working?  What happens if you stop taking these drugs? How do you respond when the primary physician prescribes three high blood pressure meds per day???

Consider meds for depression. Addiction is at an all-time high. These medications too, may contribute to mental decline. How much can a brain absorb without overload? Does the overload mean these drugs cause depression?

Increased cognitive impairment can be a result of hereditary and genetic factors; however, more and more evidence demonstrates that those who take certain drugs are likely to develop impairment.

Health solutions, medical training, and trust in your health care provider will usually help you avoid unwanted symptoms and side effects.