Urinary Issues Can Plague Anyone

Did you believe Kegel exercises would be enough to keep your bladder youthful and under control so that there would be no issues with control?

Frequent urination, the kind that strikes during the night or even in the daytime, is just one malady that challenges us.

Perhaps a bladder injury with stitches is to blame or lack of sexual activity or you’ve slacked on the Kegels, other than a very painful surgery has there been no real “breakthroughs” for clinically studied, natural, non-surgical treatments of incontinence. 

Urinary issues become more common as we age, and it seems that certain foods can trigger an overactive bladder. Some of our favorite foods are on that list:  chocolate, coffee, wine, sugary, fizzy drinks and spicy foods.

From UrologyCare.org we find a list of foods that promote a healthier bladder:  pears, bananas, green beans, nuts, eggs and more.

There are certain medications, too, that may add to your bathroom urge. Check with your doc if you’re taking blood pressure meds or muscle relaxers.

Your bladder is a muscle. This muscle requires certain nutrients and exercise to keep it in shape; otherwise, you’re going to discover that you may experience leakage while jumping on a trampoline, running bases at Saturday softball or spontaneously laughing out loud.

This inconvenience of incontinence can be stressful as sleep is interrupted and the quality of life begins to lose its luster but, then Dr Tracey Seipel came on the scene.

Urox, a bladder control supplement, was developed by Dr. Seipel, a naturopath and medicine herbalist from Ashgrove, Queensland, Australia.

For the past 20 years, her research has been ongoing using a blend of three extracts:  horsetail, lindera and three-leaf caper. These three extracts, available from Amazon, under UROX may indeed help keep your bladder in better working order.

Overactive bladder is a universal problem for men and women. Rather than surgery or costly drugs, this supplement might be the ticket.

Stop doing Kegels? Not on your life!