You Truly Are What You Eat!

It’s true! Today I am a big piece of homemade chocolate cake!

It’s rare that chocolate cake is my choice to break my fast. Usually, eggs, no toast, no meat is what I have most days between 9:00 and 10:00 each morning. Today, as I peered at the last piece of this moist, delightful cake, I realized there was no reason to beat myself up for enjoying a truly organic experience.

Cooking and baking at home is vastly different than driving through a fast food restaurant or choosing a pre-packaged treat from the grocery store. 

Health-wise, I do believe that choosing the finest ingredients will give you an end product that is healthy and really nutritious. 

Take chocolate. Most every woman I know swoons for great chocolate! Why wouldn’t they? First of all, chocolate in just about any form is absolutely delicious. Tenseness seems to melt away when chocolate is involved. Whether it’s chocolate vodka, chocolate bon bons or chocolate milk, this tasty, tickle your tongue treat seems to make everything better.

If it’s any indication just how popular chocolate is, you’ll likely be impressed to learn that Hershey’s produces over 70 million chocolate kisses every day!

And, spending on chocolate just for the Valentine’s Day celebration exceeds $25 billion. We do love our chocolate kisses and confections. Once only reserved for the elites, dark chocolate evolved into milk chocolate and here we are today with many choices for our chocolate enjoyment.

Whether it’s drugstore chocolate or from the finest Swiss and Belgium confectioners, this increasingly popular anti-aging and stress busting treat is universally accepted as good.

How wonderful that we can choose organic ingredients to produce at-home goodies that are nutritious and healthy. From chocolate chip cookies to moist, dark chocolate cake, chocolate is energy giving and delicious in just about every form.