Fat or Filler? What is in Your Face?

Portrait of woman looking at her face in mirror

Perhaps you decided to allow toxic chemicals to be injected into your face on a whim of desperation when you realized your lips were thinning and there were hollows developing under your eyes.

Perhaps you have engaged these services more than once to plump or paralyze other parts of your face. Sometimes the injections seem to work better than others and sometimes you wonder why your face is expanding and widening.

Expanding and widening??? Yes, it’s true! Prolonged injections over time may substantially change the shape and contour of your face. Why? Well, recent information suggests that migration of the product is possible along with a portion of the undissolved product visible via MRI’s.

The bizarre act of injecting the face with chemicals that may migrate to other areas seems quite dangerous to me. Migration of injected materials whether in the face or in the arm may pose problems that were not discussed or anticipated before the injections began. And undissolved product???

Dermal fillers have long been touted as a way to plump the facial features without surgery. These injections were intended to diminish wrinkles, restore volume and fullness, minimize scars and of course, make your face look younger.

These soft, gel-like substances are injected under the skin. Some are natural, most are synthetic, all are developed in a lab. Some are semi-permanent which means they will take a long time to dissolve. What if they don’t dissolve? Thankfully, there is a product on the market that may successfully dissolve product build-up. 

Seasoned medical professionals can spot filler buildup. Protruding lips and hard lumps under the skin are a dead give-away that your face has been previously injected. 

Some patients become addicted and obsessed with fuller lips and fuller cheeks. More, more, more. Using dermal fillers can be expensive money-wise and health-wise. Duh! Temporary fillers can rob you of your natural beauty so think carefully before beginning scheduled injections.

Loss of volume in the face is natural as we age. That’s why using Facial Magic is wonderfully reliable to plump up those small, hidden facial muscles. In hardly any time at all, you can look better than you have in years without injections of anything harmful, man-made or toxic.