Feel Better Every Day

This title is the mantra of everyone who cherishes their health.

Imagine feeling better and better every day – alleviating aches and pains, enjoying more mobility without joints creaking or snapping. Easily enjoying and participating in your favorite physical activity or sport is the desire of all whiles walking with head held high and a smile on your face.

So how do you that? 

You know the answer – the same, repetitive mantra you’ve heard over and over ad nauseum…”You are what you eat!” but that’s not true…not today, maybe never again will we naively look at a piece of fruit, an ear of corn, a potato, a steak, a leg of lamb, turkey breast or even a whole chicken without considering whether this item has been tainted with gene-altering MRNA. This substance is currently being cleverly maneuvered into our food supply to further our reliance on drugs and hasten their evil depopulation desires. 

Oh, there’s more…GMO’s rule most packaged food. Even the beloved Lay’s potato chips had a disclosure at the bottom of their packaging. Most all corn is genetically modified and has been for quite some time. Try to find organic corn in your canned vegetable aisle or in your favorite fresh produce offerings and it’s highly unlikely you will find any. Even most farmer’s markets cannot guarantee organic corn.

Thankfully, organic salad greens are plentiful and usually locally grown. Same with carrots, onions, green beans, tomatoes, okra, beets and more available locally at your farmer’s market and specialty grocers.

Locally grown as in a home garden has many advantages…none of which I know personally. 

Oh sure, I have perennial flowers like iris, peony, bare naked ladies and crepe myrtles that grace our landscape, but so far, there are only weeds growing in the boxed garden bed my son expertly crafted and gifted me last Christmas.

It is May here in Oklahoma – the “rainy season” and because we live in a forest, we look forward to the rainy season to sufficiently provide moisture for all that grows.

Sorry to say as I longingly see vegetable gardens large and small sprouting up around the neighborhood, my farming desires and skills do not equate to growing a garden to feed a family. Farming is hard work!

There is a far more rewarding technology that I have recently discovered that will be available soon to those who need healing on many levels—this technology will indeed help you feel better every day!  Vimeo