Looking for Foot Pain Remedies?

foot pain remedies

You’d think there are more than 26 bones in the foot if you are suffering from a foot malady. Heel pain, commonly known as plantar fasciitis, is one of the top challenges we endure,

In addition to heel pain which is prevalent most mornings, there is the bunion, that bulging bone near the big toe that can cause misery when trying to wear shoes.

Then there’s Morton’s neuroma – a very painful condition that affects the bottom of the foot.

How about ankle fractures?  One of my new friends was hobbling around, finally decided to go for an x-ray and exam, only to be told her foot and ankle were broken in three places.

So, how do we protect our feet? 

  1. Wear close toed roomy shoes
  2. Watch your weight
  3. Avoid wearing flip flops and flat footwear
  4. Cut your toenails straight across
  5. Stop wearing high heels