How Healthy Are Your Eyes?

The Eyes Have It!

Our bodies require maintenance just like a well-oiled machine and that includes our eyes.

Okay, I admit, I was beyond shocked when a new eye doctor discovered cataracts in both of my eyes. I made an appointment with her when I lost my driving glasses not even considering that something might be amiss with my eye sight.

I thought surely, I must be too young for cataracts – Wasn’t this diagnosis for only the old and elderly? Ha! My doctor quickly pointed out that even small, young children can develop cataracts.

Did you know that if you ignore cataracts, you might, over time, lose your sight? Think of the headlights on your car. They become cloudy and yellowed with age. Same with cataracts. The lenses of your eyes become cloudy, even discolored, which can affect your vision. You can scrub the headlights with abrasive, polishing compounds along with fine grit sandpaper to return the plastic to crystal clear but to correct cataracts, this requires a 15-minute surgery on each eye.

Did I have any symptoms of this very common disease that affects 24 million Americans? Not really.

I admit that night driving was particularly awful. Living out in the country with no street lights per se, I am not a fan of driving on two lane roads after dark in rural areas. Deer, black bears, black wild hogs and other large animals are prevalent on the road at night.

Just before my eye doctor visit, I mentioned to my son how uncomfortable I was driving at night. First of all, he discovered that my passenger side headlight was out, then he cleaned my headlights until they looked like new!

Eye sight is important so don’t put off seeing your ophthalmologist today for testing of eye diseases. If you have cloudy vision, double vision and your eye professional can’t quite get your prescription right, you might want to make that appointment.