Scary, Scary Hair Loss

I can hardly believe my eyes! 

Brushing and combing my hair is nightmarish! I am losing handfuls of hair and there isn’t one thing I can do to change it. This dilemma has to “run its course” for three to nine months.

Why is this happening now? Has it happened to you? This hair loss has to stop!

Here’s the back story:  In late October there was a virus going around and even though I have been super careful about being around others, somehow the virus found me via my sister. We had to attend a funeral and that funeral was more than two hours away by car. 

I knew my sister had been stricken with a heavy chest cold, headache and slight fever but I thought that after a week, she wouldn’t be contagious. I was wrong. Hearing her deep chest cough scared me but we were on our way, miles from our destination when the thought struck me that she could still be contagious. She was!

So approximately 4 days later the virus struck me. First a cough, then malaise and this condition lingered about two to three weeks. Naps during the day for the first time ever became a part of my recuperation plan. I don’t think I ever ran a fever.

Fast forward to today. 

I can hardly believe my eyes! My thick, luxurious hair is quickly thinning and I do not like it.

My sister has also experienced hair loss so we’ve been researching this very sinister after effect of a virus. We now know this condition of “hair shedding” is called telogen effluvium and it’s common after experiencing fever or sickness. We are not alone.

Typical hair loss is between 50 and 100 strands a day. So far I haven’t any bald spots but there are clumps of hair in my comb after washing and combing my hair. The consensus from hair care professionals is that gradually the hair will replace itself. How I hope and pray they are right.

So, if one of these days I show up with a pixie cut, you’ll know I’ve lost the battle with extreme hair loss!