How to Get Real Beauty Sleep!

Did you know beauty sleep is a real thing?

We teach you how to get the best beauty sleep! Scientists report that poor quality sleepers showed increased signs of intrinsic skin aging including fine lines, uneven pigmentation and slackening of skin and reduced elasticity.

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Beauty Sleep keeps you from aging fast.

Buckwheat Pillow is best for beauty sleep.

Body and Head Position Matter - A Lot!

ditch the cucumbers for eye bags

Still have puffy eyes? We have the non-cucumber cure.

Beauty Sleep is Real.

So many times, women and men complain that they see wrinkles appearing suddenly out of nowhere and they are not too happy to see these annoying little lines and creases come to visit so quickly. Who is? While we know that sufficient sleep is essential for restoration and stress release, many don’t know the proven link between sleep and skin aging.

Are you aging fast because you don’t get enough sleep?

Yes, you are. Several years ago a study was done on how lack of sleep affects the skin. Physician-scientists at University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center proved once and for all that Beauty Sleep is a real thing. Not getting enough restful sleep ages you faster! Scientists report that poor quality sleepers showed increased signs of intrinsic skin aging including fine lines, uneven pigmentation and slackening of skin and reduced elasticity. It isn’t just that the skin ages at more rapid rate, but it isn’t able to recover from environmental stress, like too much sun. How fast you recover, if you do get a sunburn, and the quality of heal depends in part on you getting enough restful sleep. 

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Take your beauty sleep to next level!

Recently, a woman friend was complaining that even though she was doing facial exercises, little lines and creases were showing up every morning.  My first thought was that her sleeping position was creating these creases so I asked her to lie on her bed and demonstrate her favorite sleeping posture.  Just as I suspected, the position of her face on her pillow was creating lines.

Now ladies and gentlemen, sleep lines are very cute on a three-year-old but they are not welcomed on our faces!

We spend hours each day sleeping.  This is good.  Rest relaxes us and allows us to restore ourselves.  Getting at least seven hours of sleep per night will not only alleviate stress but will aid in healing.  It has been my experience that many of us sleep incorrectly and this can be easily remedied.

A new sleep position can stop Pillow Face from causing real damage!

Please do not sleep on your stomach – ever! This sleeping position can manifest lower back problems and it will contribute to small vertical lines on either side of your nose. This isn’t beauty sleep!

Sleeping 7-8 hours on your face for years and years will produce many wrinkles on your forehead and creases in your face. Be aware of how you sleep. Take a mirror with you to your bedroom. Lie on your pillow in your favorite sleeping positions. What does your mirror tell you? Can you see where you are creasing your face? Can you reposition yourself to alleviate the creasing motion? When you find that position where wrinkling is not occurring, tell yourself that this is the ideal beauty sleep position. I believe your subconscious can help you to sleep night after night so that you are not creating wrinkles on your face. Clear your thoughts, say your prayers and slip into dreamland!

Get the best Pillow for beauty!

Throw out your synthetic, cotton and down filled pillows! Perhaps you have heard of the buckwheat pillow? It is a pillow filled with buckwheat hulls that properly aligns your head and neck with your body. This little wonder also helps keep your head cool while you are sleeping and most importantly, it keeps your face from wrinkling! Getting your beauty sleep on a “bucky” also keeps your head better elevated so that lymph drainage is increased. My friend reported that after a few nights of beauty sleep on her “bucky”, she awoke with no lines on her face or forehead.

Sleeping on too flat a pillow means that fluid and fat can accumulate in your under eye area. Perhaps you have thought that a good night’s sleep will make you look more refreshed, yet it hasn’t produced the desired results. Most likely, your pillow is the culprit. If your head is not elevated, your under eye area can “bulge”, especially if you have eaten overly salty food or enjoyed adult beverages.

If you are unable to find a buckwheat pillow, try sleeping with your pillow tucked behind your ear. This will stop the constant creasing of your face and is especially necessary when sleeping on your side. It is very important for you to position the pillow behind your ear and move it when you turn.

The buckwheat pillow is my personal favorite. Not only is your head cooler at night, the elevation of your head is ideally aligned with your spine and you just cannot create a line or wrinkle on your face when sleeping on this pillow. If you switch to a “bucky,” make certain that you lie first on your back with the pillow below your shoulders to align your spine with your head and neck.

Do you wake up to Puffy Eyes? Here is a two-pronged attack that will work!

There are two more things to consider, besides your head elevation and pillow, if you are getting enough sleep but still wake up to puffy eyes. The first is your sodium or salt intake. Eye puffiness is usually a result of water retention caused by too much salt in the diet and not enough water. Read the labels of everything you ingest and watch for the sodium content. If it is high, eat or drink less of it and see if you experience improvement. If you choose a can of soup and the sodium content is 870 milligrams, put it back. That is high sodium content. Most packaged foods will contain much higher levels of sodium than foods in their natural state. The second thing you need to consider is the elevation of your headboard. If you are sleeping flat then your water retention is not draining. Take two old phone books, at least one to two inches thick, and place one under each foot of the headboard of your bed. You probably will not notice a difference when you are sleeping but the added elevation will help under eye drainage and help to alleviate under eye puffiness.

Remember to drink water

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