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My 5 Skin’s Health Tips for your listeners are:


  • #1 Skin Tip:  Sleep 8 to 9 hours.
  • SLEEP! Sleep deprivation is not only unpleasant, it can also make your skin age faster!
  • Sleep is extremely important for beautiful, healthy skin. “Beauty Sleep” is not just a catchphrase, it allows the skin to restore its natural balance and increases the effectiveness of certain skin care ingredients, potentially providing more benefit to your skin. When you don’t get enough sleep, your skin will show it. Eyes look dark and puffy after even a single night of poor sleep, but chronic sleep deprivation is particularly damaging. It leads to a dull, dehydrated complexion and can wreak havoc on skin prone to acne.
  • AND of course it is also well known that sleep habits are essential for living a long, healthy, productive life.
  • How does sleep promote your skins wellbeing?

Medical research has demonstrated sleep affects the skin in a variety of ways:

  • Lack of sleep leads to increased levels of stress hormones in the body. Chronic high levels of  stress hormones in the body cause increased inflammation within the skin that subsequently leads to an acceleration of aging (wrinkles!) and worsening of acne.
  • Sleep deprivation reduces the skin’s ability to stay hydrated and supple leading to a dull, dehydrated appearance.
  • People with poor sleep habits can have trouble with skin sensitivity and irritation due to a reduction in the skin’s ability to protect itself from chemicals and pollutants in the environment.


  • #2  Overall Wellbeing & Skin Tip:  Start your day with 2 cups of lukewarm water, lemon and a bit of honey.

It will hydrate you, and will help break your craving for Caffeine, will energize you and helps flush your body within minutes. Your blood pressure will go up (is this good) naturally while the honey will energize you as it is a superfood, full of mother earth goodness.
Drink water and herbal teas, avoid any sweet drinks or alcohol, both cause inflammation! STAY HYDRATED!


  • # 3 Skin Tip:  Eat Well and do not skip the…. eggs!
  • Eggs contain zinc which is essential for healing wounds.  Zinc is necessary for the function of brain neurotransmitters.  Zinc is critical for the growth of supple skin and shiny hair.  Eggs have been shown to increase the density of hair, which is why it is the number one hair food. Eat well and base your nutrition mainly on Veggies and Fruits… I think there is no need to add about their value, but the ones who are the most beneficial to you are all the Orange Purple and Green.
  • Do not starve yourself!
  • However if you crave sugar, treat yourself on the weekend with your #1 favorite treat… no matter what… but just one! Sugar causes inflammation and inflammation is the #1 cause of aging.

Egg yolks provide a rich source of biotin which is essential for thick hair  and healthy nerves.  Biotin also aids in the digestion of foods such as fat and protein. That are extremely important to your skin.

Take Supplements & vitamins.  For woman above 45, I highly recommend to take Biotin on a regular basis – 5000 MG, it’s great for your skin, hair, and nails.

  • #4 Skin Tip:  Do not save on Good Skin Care!!!  Your Skin is the mirror of what’s going on inside!
  • I have always used good skin care and never saved on it…  I see the results today, having the same genes as my mom and grandmother, my skin looks so much better then theirs at the same age and time.
  • Here I wish to talk about Luxtural? , my Invention.


  • #5 Skin Tip: Joy– Be Grateful and generous to others, it creates life full of Joy!

Be tolerant of yourself, help others and try to do good deeds! (these “slogans” have been around forever! for a reason…)
Write yourself emails to communicate with yourself, it  helps clarify your thoughts and also promotes self communication. In my view it is called self respect! Be tuned to others, but first to your self!
Learn to listen to yourself. It promotes self respect and inner calm.
Things will look clearer and you will have less stress in your life, stress adds significantly to the aging process.
Try to make  at least 1 good dead for somebody else, every day, you have no idea how much Joy this will bring to your life.